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CDK has a selection of belt styles that fit multiple fashion types. From Western, Dress, Casual, or even Artsy and Abstract.  

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All Custom Belts are all made to order and include Free sizing, paint & dye, and Initials.

If you are planning on ordering a belt, scroll through my belt portfolio and find a belt design that matches your individual style so you can better explain to me what you are wanting.


  • Traditional Western

    • Standard brown/black/red dyes with tight leaflets and floral style tooling
  • New-School Western 

    • Usually more colorful and include bright, bold floral tooling.
    • Incorporates extra-bold custom tooled indian skulls with brightly colored, feathered head dress (these do cost extra)
  • Dress Style (Echelon Series)

    • These belts are meant to be clean and simple but yet elevated for formal dress and casual everyday dress.
    • lightly finger carved lines usually in geometric patterns
    • Geometric stamps
    • Usually in complementary flesh-tone colors or brown dyes
  • Abstract

    • Belts that are a bit bolder and different from all the rest
    • Usually in geometric shapes and a bright array of colors
    • Contain custom tooled images that suit the personality of the wearer






All CDK Belts come with a free option to include a customized initial or brand located on the tip of the belt.

I paint and dye all belts at the color requests of the customer, most belt come with a paint and dye scheme that will come complimentary with the belt. Unless a project requires specialized timely amount of hand painting. 

Maybe you wish to customize your belt even further with some added options and customizable tooling.

These are some common features customers often ask for when building a custom new belt.


custom leather tooling
leather border bead
  • Buck Sticthin'

    • Thick, hand stitched thread that adds a western flair. You can chose a single color from multiple colors of stitch that I have available. 
    • Buck Stitch is a timely process to hand stitch. Expect a price increase of $100-$150 depending on belt size. 
  • Custom Images

    • Any extra tooling that I will need to hand draw and tool will be considered an additional feature.
    • These are often images such as indian skulls, oil rigs, guns, deer skulls, trucker girls, hearts, stars and full names. 
    • The more custom images the more costly the belt can get.
  • Border Bead

    • A Border bead is a continuous bead that borders around the belt. They make a neat effect and add an elegance to the belt.
    • Beads can be painted and dyed in various colors of the customers choosing. 
    • I can usually fit up to 2 rows of Bead on a single 1inch belt.