CDK Leather Custom Pieces are..

  • Hand crafted to customer specs from start to finish.
  • Every aspect of your order is designed, carved, & built by Clayton Kinney himself; along with the help of his apprentices.
  • Being so, every custom project is quoted individually.

What determines my quoted price?


 Pricing is determined on an individual basis and is determined by these factors.

  • The level of difficulty it takes to design and carve the time it takes to build
  • The amount of material being used
  • The current level of demand in which we are currently receiving orders.

standard leather belt

Standard Belts







Standard, clean look.

Little to no customization.

Standard Belt with a brand or your initials on the end. 

Little to no carving

Little to no tooling

Build Quality:

  • Premium Leather is used
  • Premium belt accessories included

Can come in Single ply (shown above) or Double ply (two layers, stitched + $50-$70)

Buck Stitching(+ $100)

standard stains or hand dyes

little to no paint

Screenshot 2016-12-06 12.21.07.png

Contemporary Belt & Dog Collars



Uniquely designed, fashionable look. 

Light amounts  of customization. These belts are usually worn for a more urban look & will be designed with less custom features.

Features include initials, brand, or a single character, although these usually come out looking better with a less-is-more, pattern design approach.

Build Quality:

  • Premium Leather is used
  • Premium belt accessories included 

Can come in single ply leather or also Double ply (shown above)

Light Customization

Buck Stitching (+$100)


Can include some hand dying and hand painting characteristics.

Dog Collars: 

My dog collars start at $125 but are usually prices between $150-$175 depending on size and detail.

custom leather belts
western texan belt

Western & Fully Custom



Customization levels vary from moderate to extreme level of custom characters, full names, fonts and unique images.  

Pricing can vary depending on the amount of customization required for the piece. 

Belts requiring to be fully hand tooled in a western/floral design with a single brand or initial will range from $300-$400

my average pricing for most belts is around $350-375

while belts requiring extensive design characters such as skulls, indian headdresses, animals & unique objects interlaced with a floral design will priced $400+

All buck stitching will be subject to an additional $100

Build Quality:

Premium Leather 

Premium Accessories (show buckles not included)


Many design & stitching, options are available at this price range.

Characters, Names, Brands, Initials, Unique images etc..


Fully customized color & dye scheme.


All of my wallets are Bi-Fold wallets, made with a standard 4 pocket setup that includes a Heavy-duty money clip.

I give an option for an outside pocket upon request at no charge. There are multiple design styles and features that can be worked into the wallet from western, contemporary, elegant, or even extravagant.

custom leather wallet


*Please note, I do no make "cowboy", "checkbook" , "roper" or also called "long" wallets. Whatever you call them, the build process required simply takes too much time for me to build in relation to a reasonable price I can charge for them, therefor I do not make them. If you see one that I may have built on my instagram, I probably lost a bet to a friend. 




pocket slip wallet
pocket slip wallet